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Sympathy Flowers. These sympathy flowers are appropriate to send to a business or home.
For deliveries to a church or funeral home send funeral flowers.
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A Bunch of Sweetheart Roses


Let her know you're coco-nuts about her! Lavished with this extraordinary exotic arrangement, she'll feel like a luxurious island princess.

Fun in the Sun Wreath


Bring extra sunshine to a special someone's day! The most perfect yellow roses are ablaze amid exotic tropical ferns.

Spiritual Wake


Radiate the deep, warm, lingering hues of the sun sinking over the horizon at dusk with this alluring arrangement of the finest rosese and assorted fresh flowers.

Modern Fashionista


Beautiful blooms create a kaleidoscope of color and sweet floral scents radiate from this breathtaking bouquet. A stunning medley of fresh, fragrant flowers, this arrangement makes for a heartfelt and heartwarming gesture of sympathy and caring.

White Eternity


Enter a calming mental and spiritual retreat with the graceful presence of all white roses to symbolize that love of a lifetime into White Eternity. The mere presence of white communicates a message of innocence, purity, and elegance that cannot be matched!

Lazy Daisy Bouquet


Hit a high note when you send this symphony of fresh flowers!

Her Name was Daisy


Invigorate the spirit with these elegant and captivating flowers. Radiate the joy of pure beauty!

Spring Ruffles Basket


An exquisite arrangement, filled to the brim with pink, red, white and cream roses and vibrant specs of bright yellow lilies sprinkled throughout. This assortment of blissfully beautiful blooms is a perfect way to extend your deepest sympathy and support.

Blooming Elegance Sympathy..


Lend your support and sympathy with this beautiful array of vibrant lilies, boasting hues of pink, red, purple, white, yellow, orange and cream. Your kind and thoughtful gesture will always be remembered and treasured.

Display of Affection Arran..


Graceful and delicate, the velvety roses will illustrate your deepest sympathy, support and love for a friend or loved one in need.

Peaceful Tribute Sympathy ..


Brighten a grieving friend or relative's day during this trying time with this beautiful and charming basket of delicate spray roses.

Fond Farewell Sympathy Sta..


Nature's beauty and richness are evident in this standing arrangement, brimming with stunning, vibrant roses and daisies; an exquisite and heart-felt token of your deepest sympathy.

Our Hearts Speak to You Sy..


An ode to Nature's beauty, this arrangement of bright, cheerful flowers will bring a little ray of sunshine to a grieving friend or loved one.

Simply Restful Sympathy Ar..


A rainbow of color, these beautiful lilies are a heart-felt way to extend your warmest sympathy and support during these trying times. Bring a little joy to a grieving friend or loved one with this gorgeous medley of flowers.

Blanket of Flowers Sympath..


The radiant beauty of this arrangement, brimming with an assortment of delicated, velvety roses and cheerful daisies, will hearten a grieving friend or loved one.

Meditation Arrangement


When life is at its hardest, comfort a grieving friend or loved one with this beautiful, heart-warming assortment of pink and purple carnations. These flowers will bring a little joy to these trying times.

Leaves and Petals Sympathy..


This assortment of enchantingly beautiful lilies will let a grieving friend or loved one know they are on your mind. Pink, purple and red blooms will bring a little joy to these trying times.

Tranquil Thoughts Arrangem..


Comfort a grieving friend or relative with this beautiful assortment of bright, fresh flowers. Your sympathy and support will be greatly appreciated and never forgotten.

Petite Candle Sympathy Tri..


A breathtaking piece of beautiful, soft candles and velvety, delicate roses, this arrangement is a wonderful way to extend your warmest sympathy and support to a grieving friend or loved one. Comfort someone you care about during this difficult time.

Fresh Breeze Sympathy Bouq..


Bring a little joy and light to a friend or loved one during these trying times with this beautiful medley of blooms. Pink, yellow and orange lilies and carnations will bring them comfort in a way they'll never forget.

Traditional Victorian Symp..


Demonstrate your empathy and support for a grief-stricken friend or loved one with this elegant and stunning arrangement of pure white roses, lilies and gladiolas. Add a little light to these dark days.

Loved Ones Sympathy Arrang..


Console a grief-stricken friend or loved one during their time of need with this beautiful and fresh assortment of flowers. They will never forget your token of sympathy and support.

All American Tribute Arran..


Console a friend or loved one during this difficult time with these beautiful and elegant roses. Blooms of red, white and blue make for a wonderful way to extend your support and sympathy.

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