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Sympathy Flowers These sympathy flowers are appropriate to send to a business or home.
For deliveries to a church or funeral home send funeral flowers.
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Into My Heart Standing Spray


Embrace that delicate moment with the grieving loved one with a blazing red plethora of luscious velvety blossoms in a perfect standing spray to show your deepest compassion. The garden of spiritual healing is just around the corner.

Illuminating Lavender Symp..


Shimmer and shine amongst that grieving loved one and be that special friend in a time of need. Radiant ravishing fresh florals illuminate in a vast array of lavender, purple, and deep pink hues to highlight that delicate occasion as a farewell to a life well-lived.

Springtime Peaches Sympath..


Ignite the essence of Springtime Peaches Sympathy Wreath with a perfect array of dazzling blossoms in shades of juicy peach and creamy white to add to that precious occasion. That special someone will always be grateful for all of eternity.

Candy Striped Casket Spray


Candy Stripe the moment with happiness and unconditional love with a shimmering plethora of strking red and white blossoms in that perfect casket spray to highlight that delicate occasion. Let the moment pass as their grief is sure to heal.

Hawaiian Dreams


Zesty yellow and red roses and brilliant blossoms are punctuated with punches of fresh orchids to deliver a dynamic duet of fragrance and cheer! This energetic arrangement is sure to invigorate the senses, encourage smiles and express your emotions with ease!

A Brilliant Memory Sympath..


Precious pastels in naturally beautiful shades of invigorating green, shimmering white, and precious pink together in unison for a picture perfect token of unconditional love and compassion in a time of sacred healing. Give that special loved one A Brilliant Memory Sympathy Spray and wash away all their troubles.

Candy-Striped Memories Cas..


Add that special touch to that delicate occasion with a plethora of ravishing red and shimmering white blossoms to symbolize all those Candy-Striped Memories. Bring them memories of bright cheer and that scared love will last forever.

Nature's Riches Casket Cover


Adorn the final resting place of a cherished friend or loved one with this exquisite casket cover. Brimming with vibrant, fresh flowers, this piece is a truly touching gesture of your deepest sympathy, support and fond remembrance.

Its Time for a Celebration!


Raise your glass for Its Time for a Celebration! Party perfect blossoms in radiant colors of burnt orange, sunkissed yellow, invigorating green, and shimmering white come together in unison for that special occasion with that cherished loved one. Celebrate the cheerful moments life has to offer!

Cross My Heart Casket Pillow


Love is the universal language. Be that delicate touch in their life to heal all pain for grief is only a passing of time. A Cross my Heart Casket Pillow with all pink roses signifies that love and affection we all adore.

Open Trench of Love Sympat..


Open their eyes wide to a sensuous plethora of brilliant velvety red roses filled with decadent pleasures and sweet aromas to forget their troubles. Unconditional love heals the soul with the ultimate display of affection. Red is the color of the heart and the surest way into the garden of healing.

Shining From Above Casket ..


A light from heaven shines upon that grieving loved one like a beacon in the night. Cherish every moment as if it were forever and above with a striking Shining From Above Casket Spray in the perfect shade of blissful white. Elegant blossoms fill the air with the sweet scents of heaven.

I Blush for You


Spice up those rosy cheeks and liven up a little I Blush for You surprise for that special someone. Luscious purple, hot fiery pink, and shimmering white make for a brilliant collaboration of bright colors. Take off for that weekend getaway and enjoy a moment in the sun!

Cheerful Memories Sympathy..


Embrace them with the gentle display of Sunkissed Memories of that natural beauty of blooming fresh blossoms in the perfect sunny shade of yellow. Reminsce on all those precious moments with that special someone that has passed on to the gift of eternal life. Highlight that delicate occasion with a token of happy smiles and unconditional friendships for that grieving loved one in a time of spiritual healing.

Hawaiian Gardens


Set the stage with a bit of exotic radiance. Hot pink and deep orange are the perfect colors of the sunset! Feel the moment and be that sensitive friend in a time of need. Highlight that delicate occasion with just a simple touch of beauty.

A Circus of Fun!


Hip Hip Hooray for A Circus of Fun has arrived! Jump head first into spring with fun times ahead with those you cherish the most. Liven up that dull spot in the room with a radiant array of bright blooms in fashionable shades of glistening white, pastel yellow, sun-struck orange, and energizing purple. That special someone is sure to join the fun!

Patriotic Stance Sympathy ..


Raise your highest respects to a life well-lived with a Patriotic Stance Sympathy Spray as a tribute to that special love one. Patriotic colors in vivid shades of red, white, and blue add to that special occasion once in a lifetime.

The Aroma of Heaven Standi..


Open their eyes and arouse the senses with a The Aroma of Heaven Standing Spray graced with deep cobalt blue and shimmering white blooms blessed with the aromatic scents of heaven. Shower that special friend in a time of loss for the ultimate gift of healing is the gentle display of compassion and unconditional love.

An Indian Summer


Set in a rustic terra cotta pot, these vibrant flowers sparkle in sensational seasonal shades of red, yellow and burgundy. Brilliant and bold, these blooms exudes the warmth and radiance of autumn, making them a truly wonderful gesture of your deepest sympathy and support.

Aromatic Splendor


As fragrant as the scents of heaven, precious white lilies grace that special loved one's presence with the utmost gentle touch. Be that ultimate inspiration in their life with just a simple token of your affections.

Blazing Hearts Above


Set their soul on fire with fiery Blazing Hearts Above that set their spirits free! Deep shimmering hues of luscious peach, precious pink, pastel yellow, and radiant coral are the perfect colors of sympathy. Guide them down the pathway of healing for precious friendships are never forgotten.

Gentle Gestures


Add a little bit of charm into their life. Pastel blossoms in delicate shades of shimmering white and sunkissed yellow come together like a spring song of melody to highlight and extra special touch to that delicate occasion. Ease their grief with a simple touch of beauty,

Glistening Gardens


Shimmer and shine for the bright array of Glistening Gardens is the way to a new life path. Luscious purple and sunburst yellow flowers marry together as two soulmates meant to be. Be that inspiration in that special someone's life for the quest for new adventures is always the right choice!

Colorful Tribute Sympathy ..


There is nothing more profound than the colors of the heart. Send a Colorful Tribute to that special someone for a life well-served. Dazzling fresh florals glow in radiant shades of energizing green, ravishing orange, sunkissed yellow, and deep purple to set that delicate occasion right.

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