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Sympathy Flowers These sympathy flowers are appropriate to send to a business or home.
For deliveries to a church or funeral home send funeral flowers.
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Highlights of Heaven


Glimmer under the Highlights of Heaven with an exotic array of mystical blooms in deep shades of invigorating green and mystical purple. Add that briming rouch to that delicate occasion for eternal love is forever.

Fondness Basket


Shimmering with beauty and grace, these stunningly fresh flowers exemplify nature's majesty and charm! Sure to illuminate any room, these bright blooms will make a truly sweet smelling and heartwarming gesture of your deepest sympathy and support.

My Loving Heart Casket Bou..


Embrace them with a My Loving Heart Casket Bouquet for all sensuous pink roses symbolize eternal love and sheer affection. A great love for that special someone that has passed on to a new life will never be forgotten for a well-lived life is a spiritual celebration.

Bright Moments for Eternit..


Grace their delicate presence with a Bright Moments for Eternity Casket Spray in shimmering shades of pink, lavender, orange, and yellow. The natural beauty of springtime heals all wounds and unconditional love embraces their grief for a lifetime.

I Blush for You


Spice up those rosy cheeks and liven up a little I Blush for You surprise for that special someone. Luscious purple, hot fiery pink, and shimmering white make for a brilliant collaboration of bright colors. Take off for that weekend getaway and enjoy a moment in the sun!

A Brilliant Memory Sympath..


Precious pastels in naturally beautiful shades of invigorating green, shimmering white, and precious pink together in unison for a picture perfect token of unconditional love and compassion in a time of sacred healing. Give that special loved one A Brilliant Memory Sympathy Spray and wash away all their troubles.

Healing Awakening Sympathy..


Reminisce on those nostalgic precious memories with that special loved one that seem to last for all of eternity. Cherish the moments of unconditional love with a genuine gift of friendship and healing with a shimmering plethora of dazzling blossoms in heavenly shades of tranquil white and sky blue to take away their pain and grief.

Precious Pink Gestures


Grace that special moment with that cherished loved one with a stunning ensemble of natural beauty in luscious shades of pink. Gentle rose petals comfort that grieving loved one with precious care. Take a bow of faith, love, and hope for every moment in life counts.

Enchanting Sympathy Bouquet


Distinct glamour and style fill the room with an air of elegance and mystery. An Enchanting Moment is on the way! Stop and stare and live for today with that special someone. Sweep them off their feet with unforgettable beauty and they will open their heart like the flood gates of heaven.

Pretty in Pink Casket Spray


Pink is the color of love and deepest affection. Be that warm embrace to that special someone in need, for an uplifting spirit is the guaradian angel of time. A half casket spray is the perfect pink array of shimmering roses that graces their presence as a life well lived and new beginnings ahead!

Love and Let Go


Romantic roses amid luscious greenery have set the standard for sharing sincere sentiments.

Variegated Beauties


Send a special someone this aromatic trove of Nature's wealth.

Cherished Memories Casket ..


Set them free with a refreshing shimmering array of pastel blooms in the perfect springtime shades of white, green, peach, pink, and purple to highlight that delicate occasion. That shimmering casket spray is the perfect gift for that special someone in the time of healing and grief. Sooth their soul with natural beauty and the most cherished times will always be rememebered.

Embrace the Moment Standin..


Embrace the Moment with a heartfelt gift of a funeral standing wreath artistically hand designed with thr most precious shimmering blooms in striking shades of red and white. Surprise that grieving loved one with a gift that will be remembered for eternity.

Open My Heart Sympathy Wre..


Stand by their side with a brilliant hued Open My Heart Sympathy Wreath in the perfect glorious shades of ravishing red, mystical purple, precious pink, sunburst yellow, and shimmering peach. Be that spiritual guide at their side in this difficult time and your unconditonal friendship will be cherished for a lifetime.

Pink Party


Show you care with these gorgeous blooms, and tickle that special someone pink.

Tropical Dream Getaway


A deep orange and red hues is just what the occasion calls for. Set their minds free of trouble and set the occasion bon voyage as they pack their suitcases for a Tropical Dream Getaway!

Falling Skies of Mist Symp..


Embrace the allure of Falling Skies of Mist Sympathy Wreath for a spiritual revelation is the essence of the occasion. Pastel hues in the colors of a morning sky of clear blue and shimmering white blossoms highlight that special moment with that grieving someone to heal them from their loss.

Hues of Sympathy Standing ..


Sooth their grieving soul with a Hues of Sympathy Standing Basket in bold shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple to sway them from their troubles. There is nothing more profound to forget their pain than a plethora of ravishing natural beauty! Your utter compassion is to be remembered for eternity.

In Bloom Bouquet


Sparkling with beauty and grace, this exquisite array of flowers shines in a radiant rainbow of sensational shades of pink and peach! Breathtaking appeal and sweet floral scents make this a truly touching and heartwarming symbol of your deepest sympathy and support.

Cross of Faith Standing Wr..


There is nothing more profound in a time of loss as a Cross of Faith standing wreath to symbolize the peace and eternity of unconditonal love. All tranquil white blossoms with a dash of red roses make for the ultimate show of compassion!

Royal Elegance


Radiate the depths of sincere sympathy with regal roses and elegant orchids in this majestic arrangement of breathtaking flowers.

My Peach Cross Standing Wr..


Highlight that sensitive occasion with a symbol of faith and unconditional love of a My Peach Cross Standing Wreath of precious peach and shimmering white blossoms to be that guiding light shining down on their loss. A sacred time of healing is just around the corner.

Precious Souls Sympathy Ar..


An abundance of love for that cherished loved one is the rare gift of unconditional love. Lift your spirits to a life well-lived as a plethora of lavish lavender and precious pink symbolize that cherished soul. Precious Souls is the theme of this delicate occasion.

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