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Sympathy Flowers These sympathy flowers are appropriate to send to a business or home.
For deliveries to a church or funeral home send funeral flowers.
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Tropical Dream Getaway


A deep orange and red hues is just what the occasion calls for. Set their minds free of trouble and set the occasion bon voyage as they pack their suitcases for a Tropical Dream Getaway!

Strawberries and Cream Sym..


Open their eyes to a Strawberries and Cream Sympathy Spray meant for that special moment in time. Blissful delicate blooms in shades of shimmering white and precious pink fill the room with seasonal warmth and joy for that delicate occasion. Life them from their grief and take them back to a time when good memories seem to last forever.

Innocence of My Heart Symp..


Ignite that warm unconditonal love in that grieving someone in a difficult time of loss with a perfect gift of an Innocence of My Heart Sympathy Wreath hand-designed in brilliant yellow and shimmering white blossoms. Now is the time ot nuture that special love one with trust, hope, and a compassion.

Red Roses Galore


The criterion of quality and class, roses are the first-rate way of conveying tenderness.

Trust and Honor Sympathy W..


Take a bow to a life well-lived in celebration of eternal life ahead. Stand and salute to Trust and Honor with a patriotic theme of crimson red, shimmering white, and deep blue fresh florals. Send your final farewell with a tribute to a beautiful life above.

Vibrant Meadows Bouquet


Brimming with vibrant, fresh flowers, this stunning assortment is a true ode to nature's beauty and grace! Sure to illuminate any room, these vivid blooms make a loving and heartwarming gesture of your deepest sympathy and support.

Jewel of My Eye Sympathy Urn


Be the Jewel of their Eye with a plethora of sunstruck fresh florals that mirror the hues of a deep heavenly sunset artitically designed just for the occasion. Capture the deep undertones of a brilliant sunset and take a stroll on the beach hand-in-hand with that special somesome.

Gardens of Europe


Jump for Joy for the Gardens of Europe release the gifts of freedom, prosperity, and faith. A brilliant collaboration of pastels in yellow and green make for a perfect impression! Take a chance and travel somewhere abroad with that special someone for precious moments are never forgotten.

Fields of Sunshine


Run and play like a child through the Fields of Sunshine. Burst with energy and bright smiles for happiness is near! A brilliant collaboration of hand-designed florals in iridescent shades of happy yellow, shimmering white, luscious lavender, and bright blue make for a special moment in time.

Dressed in Pink


Make time travel with a Dressed in Pink floral basket for a graceful air of femininity has arrived at their doorstep on mere surprise. All pink blossoms brim with classic style that exude nothing short of sheer grace with a comtemporary twist. Glide into the room with mind-blending elegance and utter refinement for the best things in life are free.

Open My Heart Sympathy Wre..


Stand by their side with a brilliant hued Open My Heart Sympathy Wreath in the perfect glorious shades of ravishing red, mystical purple, precious pink, sunburst yellow, and shimmering peach. Be that spiritual guide at their side in this difficult time and your unconditonal friendship will be cherished for a lifetime.

Crimson Tide Sympathy Arra..


Add a touch of fall with a bit of Crimdson Tide to highlight that delicate occasion. Embrace their troubles and send your deepest condolences with a token of pure love and affection. Heal their suffering with a glimpse of natural beauty in the perfect contrast if shimmering white and deep crimson fresh florals. A simple thought speaks a thousand words.

Forever Remembered Garden ..


This charmingly rustic, handled basket overflows with captivating contrasts of soft pinks and vibrant greens. An assortment of fresh flowers and lush greenery showcases nature's beauty and sweet scents. This piece is a wonderful token of your affection!

Sunset of the Heavens Stan..


Start the occasion off right with a deep Sunset of the Heavens Standing Spray. Brilliant monochromatic hues of a an intense sunset radiate over that grieving someone like a light from the heavens above. Vibrant blossoms in shades of coral, gold, peach, and pink come together in unison like a sunset over the horizon.

Lavish Lavender Wishes Sym..


Spread the message of good cheer and springtime laughter with those oh so perfect luscious lavender velvety roses to highlight that special occasion. Give them a sense of wamth and serenity and may that unconditional friendship last for a lifetime.

Classy Impressions Sympath..


Make a lasting impression with a captivating all white shimmering bouquet of Peruvian lilies. Innocence and purity is the theme of the day with the color of white that graces the room. Make that special someone feel as if they are the only on in your life!

Precious Moments Casket Sp..


A touch of gentle love is the heart of true healing for that special someone in a time of great loss. Embrace their spirit with a pastel pink casket spray artistically designed with fresh florals from the countryside. The slighest gesture is sure to be remembered just like those Precious Moments.

Unique Expression


Felicitous flowers sparkle and shine in a radiant rainbow of sensational shades! Breathtaking beauty and sweet floral scents make these blooms a truly touching and heartfelt token of your deepest sympathy and support.

Highlights of Heaven Stand..


Remember their grace, style, and eternal love forever with a Highlights of Heaven Standing Wreath with a picture perfect snapshot of their essence. Brilliant exotic blossoms in the ideal shades of mystic purple, luscious lavender, and earthy green make a match made in heaven for that memorable occasion.

Forever in My Heart Standi..


Always Remember for Life of a loved passed on for life long warmest memories are a true gift. An open heart standing wreath dazzled in precious pink and white blossoms shimmer with beauty and charm. Shower that grieving loved one with an underlying love that heals the soul.

Illuminating Lavender Symp..


Shimmer and shine amongst that grieving loved one and be that special friend in a time of need. Radiant ravishing fresh florals illuminate in a vast array of lavender, purple, and deep pink hues to highlight that delicate occasion as a farewell to a life well-lived.

Unforgettable Flora


Cheerful, and colorful blooms--an extraordinary emblem of your sentiments.

Red Escape Roses


Whisk that special someone away with luxurious red roses.

Always Thinking of You


Give a charming gift to that special someone in precious blooms of shimmering red, pink, purple, and yellow for they say Always Thinking of You. A brilliant collaboration speaks louder than words can say. Mirror the colors in the rainbow this season and be that inspiration in their life!

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