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Sympathy Flowers These sympathy flowers are appropriate to send to a business or home.
For deliveries to a church or funeral home send funeral flowers.
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Peace and Serenity Bouquet


Commemorate on that special occasion with a shimmering highlight of precious pastel bue and snow white florals in your favorite design. Release that artistic side with an inspiration of beauty and utter creativity. Embrace the moment with fresh florals for that special loved one is sure to forget their troubles.

A Ray of Sunlight Sympathy..


Illuminating any room with warm sunshine and gentle embraces, this charming natural beauty artistically designed by a floral expert sets the occasion right with the air of graceful beauty. Let the charismatic presentation of sun-kissed yellow and a touch of energizing orange lift their spirits to a realm of inner healing.

Depth of Soul


Shades of deep red, invigorating purple, and a brush of white symbolize the Depth of Soul powerful enough to redefine the moment. Show your gratitude to that special someone with a memorable gift that speak louder than words.

Dramatic Garden Arrangement


Pink, peach, red and orange lilies spring to life in dramatic fashion, showcasing Nature's beauty and vibrance. This colorful assortment of flowers is the perfect gift for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

A Magnificent Rainbow


Express your loving sympathy with a bold assortment of color. Treat the senses to this breathtaking vision of brilliant flowers enriched with flattering contrast.

Spring Treasures


A fresh array of springtime flowers, in captivating colors of purple, yellow, and white, illuminates any room, filling it with sweet floral fragrance and true natural beauty. What a heartwarming and heartfelt token of your warmest sympathy and support.

Rosewater Wishes


Turn that frown upsidedown with a bit of Endearing Love. Fragrant fresh florals in the ultimate shades of precious pink, and creamy white set that occasion right. Dance at the idea of spiritual healing in a time of need and its sure to be yours!

Brushing Elegance Sympathy..


Wash away their troubles and dive into a state of pure zen and relaxation. All pure white lilies highlight the sense of calmness in the midst of life's hectic pace. Let the jouruney of healing begin with a gift of Brushing Elegance.

Blushing Scarlet Kisses


This fiery bouquet elegantly arranged in a tranquil glass vase exudes sheer sophistication and unique style.

Your Special Day


Send your sweetie head over heels with this exquisite array of vibrant, sweetly scented blooms!

Glowing Centerpiece


Resplendent with tranquility and sheer beauty, this radiant centerpiece of fragrant yellow flowers amply arranged around two elegant white candles exudes tender support and loving sympathy. Send today!

Soft Light Sympathy Center..


Exude poigant sympathy with this lovely centerpiece of white blossoms and gold accents, complemented by the elegant ambience of candlelight.

Morning Glory


A fresh bit of luxurious, heavenly glory! Deliver a basket full of all-white, fragrant flowers beautifully arranged with silver ribbons, matching accents, and rich evergreens. Refreshing and enchanting--send today!

Warm Sympathy Winter Arra..


Let this elegant and stunning centerpiece be the special way you show your love, support and sympathy to a struggling friend. These beautiful flowers will let them know you're thinking of them.

True to You


Take their breath away with a token of what True to You really means. An array of vibrant blossoms brim with lavish luxury and pure excitement. Set them on the edge of their seat with a gift of elegance!

Golden Hues of Sympathy


Radiant, elegant, and simply gorgeous, this bouquet captures all the warmth and joy of sunshine. Heal their grieving heart and soul with a plethora of golden fresh florals to liven up their life in a time of need.

Soothing Beauty


Graceful, alluring, and delicate, this bouquet is a simply lovely way to express loving support and sincere sympathy.

Basket of Joy


Blossoms of yellow, orange, white, blue, purple and red spring to life from this vibrant bouquet of lilies and roses. Send a message of kindness and thoughtfulness with this gorgeous medley.

Joyful Days


Sunny, boisterous, and utterly becoming, this uniquely beautiful bouquet bursts with colorful daisies and fragrant eucalyptus--a truly generous offering of your loving sympathy and tender support.

24 Kisses of Love


Classic, timeless and elegant, this arrangement of two dozen red roses is a shining example of nature's beauty and bounty. What a luxurious and memorable way to illustrate your deepest sympathy and support.

European Elegance


Magnificent and full of loving sympathy! Honor a special spirit with this refreshing bouquet bursting with white and red blossoms handsomely arranged by a creative florist. Express your true feelings—order a delivery today!

One Big Smile


Bright and cheerful, this stunning array of felicitous flowers sparkles with nature's beauty and grace! Sure to illuminate any room, these vibrantly brilliant blooms make for a truly heartwarming gesture of your warmest sympathy and support.

Fireside Bundle


Dazzle them with a Fireside Bundle perfect to snuggle up to a warm summer evening. Vivacious blooms in a radiant palette of orange, fuschia, pink, purple, yellow, and white charm that special someone inside out. Sip a cup of hot cocoa and take those wonderful memories a bliss in front of that enchanted fireplace.

Summer Sunrise Bouquet


Share the warm, magical, and awe-inspiring experience of a summer sunrise with this beautiful bouquet of sunny flowers. Express your loving support and deep sympathy-send today!

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