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Pail of Sweetness


Richly radiant and vibrantly colorful, this artistic arrangement is brimming with fresh, fragrant flowers. What a wonderful, sweet smelling and special gift!

Classy Mint Julep


Bursting with life and color, this exquisite bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers is a shining example of nature's majesty and grace. What a heartfelt, meaningful gift!

Warm Hearted Affection


A vivid vision of the warmest wishes, brought to life as fragrant, fresh bouquet!

White Bluffs


Adorn a dear friend or loved one's final resting place with this exquisite casket spray, brimming with stunningly pure white flowers. Radiating nature's "joie de vivre," this arrangement is a loving and heartfelt gesture of your deepest sympathy, support and fond remembrance.

Precious Reminisce


Commemorate the life and memory of a cherished friend or loved one with this stunning arrangement, brimming with vibrant fresh flowers. Exquisite and sweet smelling, these brilliant blooms are a loving and heartwarming gesture of your deepest sympathy, support and fond remembrance.

Inside my Heart


They will always be Inside Your Heart in time of grief and loss. Remember that loved one that has moved on to a better place with a standing spray heart designed with the utmost precious fresh blooms in vibrant shades of white, peach, pink, purple, and yellow. Surprise that special someone with a gift symbolic of love and affection.

An Exotic Life Casket Spray


Hats off and a fine toast to An Exotic Life Casket Spray! Vibrant hues of pink, fuschia, and green mirror a life worth celebrating! Share those precious moments hand in hand with that grieving loved one. Be the shoulder to cry on when in need with a token of exotic blooms to take them away from their troubles.

Send a Sunny Day


Vivid and vibrant, this cheerful medley of spring flowers radiates beauty and charm, sparkling in captivating colors of yellow, blue, red and green! Sure to brighten even the darkest of days, these brilliant blooms make a truly loving and heartfelt token of your warmest sympathy, support and fond remembrance.

Small Mixed Wreath


Honor the life and memory of a cherished friend or loved one with this stunning wreath. Brimming with grace and beauty, these fresh, sweet smelling flowers are a wonderful way to shine a splash of light on these dark days, and extend your warmest sympathy and support to those left behind.

Exquisite Blooms


Simple, yet, attractive, this delightful arrangement is a soothing token of sympathy and support.

Pink Crush


Let this fresh arrangement act as a monument of your love, appreciation, or thanks.

Flirting in Pink


Sweet smelling and bright, these lively blooms will make a wonderfully heartwarming and special gift!

Magnificent Pastels


Brilliantly beautiful and sublimely stunning, this assortment of fresh, fragrant flowers is truly breathtaking

My Sunshine Daisy


All their warmest wishes will come true when you surprise with this delightful design!

Our Little Angels Casket S..


A dainty casket cover to commemorate a darling departed. Pastel flowers paint a picture of a gentle personality and show compassion for a difficult loss, while flowing ribbons add a playful touch and remind of fond memories.

Exotic Colors Bouquet


This warm, exotic, and unique florist arrangement exudes mystical and magical symbolism. Express yourself--send today!

Brilliant Bromeliad


Bold and brilliant, this stunning arrangement showcases nature's true beauty and grace. This splendid piece makes an unforgettable and timless gift!

Peace for Eternity


Add a little light and warmth to these difficult times with this beautiful casket spray, brimming with red, orange, yellow and pink flowers. Honor the life and memory of a dear friend or loved one with these blissful blooms, a true expression of nature's grace.

Greens of Paradise


Invigorate the spirit with these elegant and captivating flowers. Radiate the joy of pure beauty!

Enchanting Hues


A showcase of spring passes through the moment like a breath of fresh air. Enchanting Hues of pink and peach marry together in unison like soulmates in love! Be that special someone at their side to reminisce on the good times and the blessings to create more, for everything is meant to be as pain and suffering of loss is sure to pass in good time!

My Only Little Sunshine


Shimmering with beauty and charm, this exquisite array of fresh flowers sparkles in shades of vivid yellow and pristine white. Sure to brighten even the hardest of times, these breathtaking blooms are a truly loving and heartfelt way to express your deepest sympathy, support and fond remembrance.

Scene-stealer Bouquet


Make a spectacle with these dazzling, fresh cream colored blooms.

Grand Remembrance Bouquet


Be that tower of strength in their life at this delicate moment. A Grand Remembrance Bouquet is a perfect token of showing geniune affection and concern for their well-being. White luscios blooms shimmer with hope for time heals all wounds.

Exquisite Exotics


A distant enchanment of tropical delicate blooms flair of that Exquisite Exotic that set that special someone away on a dream vacation with no troubles at all. Birds of Paradise represent the joyfulness and paradise as if found on a land of native South America. Let this striking array of unsual flowers remind that special someone of an exotic vacation away!

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