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Funeral. These funeral flowers are appropriate to send to a church or funeral home.
For sympathy home or business deliveries, send sympathy flowers.
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Thoughtful Gesture Funeral..


Lend your support and sympathy during this difficult period with this gorgeous medley of bright, vibrant flowers. Comfort a grieving friend or loved one with these beautiful blooms.

Red Rouge Funeral Casket S..


A rich and lush assortment of velvety roses, glorious gladiolas and colorful carnations, this stunning casket cover is the perfect way to honor a departed friend or loved one or to extend your sympathy and support to a grief-stricken someone in your life.

Tropical Funeral Casket Sp..


A beautiful and eye-catching arrangement of yellow and white lilies and roses, this is a heart-felt and loving momento of remembrance for a departed and cherished loved one or friend.

Rest in Peace Funeral Cask..


This delicate yet beautiful arrangement of flowers is a wonderful way to honor the passing of a treasured friend or loved one. Extend your sympathy and comfort to the grief-stricken family with this gorgeous medley of blooms.

Healing Waters Casket Spray


Vibrant and beautiful, this symphony of blue, purple, pink and yellow roses makes for a stunning and eye-catching casket cover. Honor the passing of a cherished friend or loved one with this gorgeous assortment of blooms meant to warm their hearts and souls.

Angel's Funeral Casket Spray


Pastel roses create a delicately beautiful and soft arrangement, making this a blissfully harmonious way to honor the life and memory of a cherished friend or loved one. Bring a little joy and love to this difficult and sorrowful time.

Floral Oasis Funeral Caske..


A beautiful casket cover, brimming with velvety, vibrant roses and daisies, this arrangement is a heart-felt and wonderful way to honor the memory of a passed friend or loved one.

Colorful Funeral Cascade


Recognize the passing of a sweet soul who was special to you, with this tribute crafted of a tumbling pile of pink flowers. Carnations are a truly charming way to comfort and commemorate.

Full Casket Cover


Honor the life and memory of a dear friend or loved one with this exquisite full casket cover. Adorn their final resting place with these stunning, fresh flowers - a truly beautiful and sweet smelling gesture of your warmest sympathy, support and fond remembrance.

Red and White Hearts


Simply stunning and sweet smelling, this exquisite spray brims with fresh flowers, showcasing nature's beauty and grace. This inspiring arrangement is a truly heartfelt and meaningful gesture of your deepest sympathy, support and fond remembrance.

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